A Day In Philadelphia

Anyone interested in American history would be looking to go to one of the most important cities of the Revolution, Philadelphia. The city was founded in the later half of 1682 and continues to be a popular city in 2019. There is really a lot to see due to the extended nature so I’ve comprised a list of perhaps the most touristy things to do and see that will ensure everyone knows you were in Philly… and guess what! We’re doing it ALL in one day. So, get to bed early tonight, because tomorrow our day is going to be PACKED.

Let’s begin.


Independence Hall
Where freedom of America took shape, Independence Hall. The Declaration of Independence was debated and signed right here. You can almost feel the energy of the heatly debated topic of the day from two very different political parties, some things never change. Tickets to tour are FREE, so come the day of but arrive early because you’ve got a lot to see and things close at 5. Tours start every 25 minutes or so and that’s your way in. Enjoy the knowledge and storytelling!


Liberty Bell
Quite close by and even more touristy is the Liberty Bell. This is 1 of those moments you definitely wish selfies weren’t invented because EVERYONE crowds around trying to get their face and the bell in at the same time. I get it, it’s super interesting and historic but… give it some space. Anyway, like Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell is taken care of by the National Park Service and is FREE. This 2k pound bell was ironically made in London and rang for the Declaration of Independence. The crack first happened the first time it was struck, it had to be recast twice. It also used to tour for patriotic events but there has been over 100 years since retirement.


It’s been decades since the original Rocky movie franchise began but running to the top of the Philadelphia Museum of Art to pose is still very much a thing… and yes, I did it. The run up is really is a challenge so, don’t feel pressured. I mostly saw people walk up slowly then get their photo at the top. There are food trucks and a Rocky statue and, of course, a museum. It’s free to run around the outside but if you decide to go in to see the art, it’s $20 per adult.

A visit to Philly wouldn’t be a visit to Philly without getting a Philly… cheesesteak that is. There is more than 1 Philly cheesesteak expert in the city and in fact, across the street from Geno’s where I ate, there was another who claimed to be the first. It’s likely that most natives have their pick for favorite so, I reached out to my lovely friends here, Facebook, and Instagram for advice. A dear friend had the hookup of her friend that lived there who said GENO’s had the best. I must say, it was love at first bite. Would definitely recommend! The delish sammie was also featured for a moment in Shazam, which took place in Philadelphia. The OG cheesesteak was $11 and you walk up to a window to order/pay for the sammie alone. If you want a drink or side, that’s another order/pay window. The lines are often long from what I hear and the story was no different for me. Due to the duo windows, the line moved pretty smoothly. Also, there’s so many people it’s likely you won’t be able to eat THERE. I took a quick walk back to my soul and ate in comfort and pleasure there. There’s also plenty of other options if beef isn’t your thing, check out the menu here.


There’s a lot more fun shots to see coming up on Instagram and later Facebook!
Be sure to give me a follow and check out behind the scenes and in betweens for a bigger look at these destinations and more. If you’re planning a trip to Philadelphia and have questions, be sure to reach out!


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