Leap Second


This Saturday will be longer than any day you have experienced in the past 3 years. No, not because your in-laws are visiting.

There will be 1 second added to the night before July 1st in order to be in perfect aligning with time. It has come to pass that the earth has slowed down……… a super tiny bit but still.

Why? Because of a couple of reasons. First, the lunar pull of the tides has taken its toll. Second, the atomic clock which timekeepers use to.. keep time.. is a teens, weensy, tad bit fast. So, we get an extra 2 milliseconds a day.. and it’s been that way for 100 years. So, ever so often, time catches up with us and we have built upon an extra SECOND!

But, given the small influence the seconds are having, timekeepers have met recently to discuss the significance of said second. They decided they need to evaluate ONE MORE leap second to properly determine its value to mankind.. time.. and space.

Be prepared, people. This could be one of the last leap seconds you will ever experience. Use it wisely!

What do you think of the leap second? Do you think there will ever be any sort of impact to our technology or lives if we were to kick it to the curb? I’m not sure but you know what they say about a butterfly flapping its wings across the globe…

It’s an interesting thought of nothing else. Let me know what you think!

Father’s Day!


As you are probably aware, Sunday is Father’s Day! Most of the US is doing something in relation to their fathers, celebrating the life and relationship they have crafted over years.

Then there are people like me who have never celebrated it and have no experience with it. I never knew my father so instead, I took the opportunity to find out what people do around the world to honor their fathers.

Father’s Day started in the states around 1910. It took until 1972 to get it a legal holiday! Now it’s a time we cherish, but we’re not the only ones. In this video, I explore the Philippines, Brazil, Thailand, Taiwan, Germany, and Iran. Some are very similar, some are quite not, and it might surprise you which is which.

What are your Father’s Day traditions? I’d love to hear from anyone who celebrates the holiday!