Bloomberg NYC Soda Ban

Mayor of NYC, Bloomberg, wants to cap out the size of sugary drinks to 16oz. This video is my thoughts behind the issue and comparison solutions.

I have no problem with there being a regulation on the amount of bad we put in our body…… as long as there is something on the other side of that coin. If you are going to limit what we can get with our money, there should be incentives towards healthier options. Being healthy comes at a price unfortunately. People buy these terribly unhealthy beverages and foot products because of the price. When you can pay quarters for an enormous amount of liquids that taste good, you will do it if you’re budget dictates the need for it.

I wished that eating nutritionally was as cheap as eating terribly. A processed double cheese burger at McDonalds cost $1. The healthier chicken sandwich is closer to $5. Those struggling financially have to make that choice.

The obesity problem here is deeper than our beverages, it’s a financial issue. I know I have issues related to wheat. Eating gluten free is a strain on my budget at times. When money is tight, I have to decide whether I want to eat what’s best for my body or have enough gas in the tank. I hate that I have to make that decision.

Why can’t unhealthy foods be the more expensive stuff? I’m not sure how we got to the food prices the way we have them now. Processed foods are easier and quicker therefore cost efficient. Healthy options take more time and care therefore necessitating the higher price. Even so, I wish it weren’t this way. The most we can hope for I suppose is to have the finances so we can do what’s best for our body without having to concern ourselves about the wallet.