Cheap Trips From Kathmandu

If you’re a repeat clicker on the Cheap Trips series, you can skip this paragraph! If you’re new, here’s what the Cheap Trips are all about! Every month, I pick a city where I have a generous amounts of fans on my Facebook or Instagram accounts and find that city a cheap trip idea! Why? I often have people who follow my travels comment that traveling is too expensive and they wish they could. My goal here is to show people everywhere in the world that it doesn’t have to break the bank to take a trip! I would know, all of my trips are as budget as they can be, some even lasting a single night. I don’t want anyone to see what I do and believe it’s unattainable. All it takes is some planning, saving, and perhaps a touch of inspiration. Now, on with the show!

This month’s city of interest is Kathmandu, Nepal. West Bengal’s capital, Kolkata is a budget friendly trip from Kathmandu as the flight is about an hour nonstop! It’s easy to get lost in the chaos and forget about getting away sometimes. So, I’ve picked enough of a getaway that has a lot to offer but not too far from home.


Kolkata, India
The cheapest time to fly from Kathmandu to Kolkata is January – April
$252 – round trip flight in March for 5 days on Vistara
$30 – 5 nights for the last week of March, many options
$12 – approximate daily food budget
$10 – transportation
$304 – trip total

Kolkata is a bustling destination with quite a few things to do and people to meet! From personalized tours across the city to amazing architecture, and visiting Mother Theresa’s resting place, there’s really plenty to fill a trip. Also, fill it on a budget! For a list of things to start you on, check here. This is another place I very much look forward to checking out in person. Perhaps in the next year?

Are you in Kolkata? If so, and you have more recommendations or questions, feel free to leave a comment or contact me on one of my social pages! I’m always open to learning more and getting to share knowledge with others. For more information, you can also learn directly from the city of Kolkata.


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