St. Augustine Eats

If you’re headed for a weekend in St. Augustine, try some local and delish options while you’re in town. I can personally approve these as I sampled each and super enjoyed. Bon Appétit!

Cone Head’s Ice Cream

munchie madness coneheadsThis delicious ice cream respite was across the street from my hotel and exactly halfway between me and the ocean. They have an abundance of random combinations that equate to delightful explosions of happiness when eaten. The pictured flavor is Munchie Madness that is a mixture of cake batter ice cream with carmel, Oreo pieces, m&ms, and peanut butter cups. This sounds like a great birthday cake, honestly. They have waffle cones, waffle cones dipped in chocolate, as well as regular cones and cups. There’s an ice cream choice for all – gluten free, sugar free, gelato, and more.


zabas st augustineThis breakfast cafe is probably my favorite vacation breakfast place. It was a short walk from my hotel on Anastasia Island and again, across the street from the ocean. It’s a small spot where the guys are super chill and it’s only open until the early afternoon. The food is budget friendly and super fresh. They also have this spicy yet sweet sauce that I put on everything. SO much nom! The owner sat chatting and explained about this show Naked and Afraid that was playing, which I now watch. The food pictured is fried eggs over medium, sausage, hashbrowns, and a biscuit.

Five Star Pizza
five star pizza st augustineThis pizza lives up to the name. The slices were big and the dough was soft but firm as were the garlic knots. The pizza shown here might be controversial but I choose my choice. Yes this fruit belongs on there, it’s pineapple and beef. This was probably 1 of my more favorite pizzas, would definitely recommend. There’s also great deals and coupons on the website. They deliver, too, which was extra nice. Convenient travel tip I like to employ most trips is to order a pizza the first night then refrigerate leftovers so there’s easy snacks until you check out.


Smoked Southern BBQ


This location I experienced going to the Fountain of Youth, which you can read more about here. There was plenty of outdoor seating and various options to eat, not just BBQ. A great example of that is the blue crab cakes here that come with a super fresh salad. $11. Also purchased was a BBQ sliced brisket plate, also $11, which comes with piping hot baked beans and coleslaw.

Kookaburra Coffee
meat pie at kookaburraThe insanely busy area of Old Town is packed to the brim with food choices. It’s likely you’ll be there on a warm day so you’ll want an escape from the heat. I recommend Kookaburra Coffee, which has plenty of nom and beverage options. There’s also a disjointed eating area to the left of the room you order in. There’s a door in between the two rooms that is something else entirely. I was afraid at first that there was no place to sit aside from the 1 table by the order room and the bar inside it. Glad I walked across, that’s also where the restroom is. You can sit at the bar and people watch so you’re not removed from the outdoor activity. Pictured is a meat pie, which I paired with a ginger beer. The meat pie was a tad salty but quite hearty. The ginger beer was a perfect drink on an extra warm day.

If that wasn’t a fun culinary trail through St. Augustine, IDK what is! What on here would you be willing to try? Let me know on Instagram or Facebook!


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