Cheap Trips From Dhaka

This month’s city of interest is Dhaka, Bangladesh. The capital city of Bangladesh is growing and modernizing quick! It’s easy to get lost in the chaos and forget about getting away sometimes. So, I’ve picked enough of a getaway that has a lot to offer but not too far from home.


Bangkok, Thailand
The cheapest time to fly from Dhaka to Bangkok is May – July.
$238 – round trip flight in June for 5 days on Biman
$20 – 5 nights for the last week of June, many options
$15 – approximate daily food budget
$5/day ($1-3 per trip per taxi trip)
$358 – trip total


Bangkok is a very affordable Asian destination! I look forward to experiencing the city myself. From America, the capital was the song title from the 80s so it’s been on the minds of us for quite a while. There are shrines to see and boats to float on so there’s no way you’d be bored!

Are you in Dhaka? If so, and you have more recommendations or questions, feel free to leave a comment or contact me on one of my social pages! I’m always open to learning more and getting to share knowledge with others.


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