Cheap Trips From Cebu

Inspired by a very good friend of mine in the Philippines, I’ve decided bring the travel to you! I enjoy traveling so much and from interactions across social media with you guys, I know you do, too. Well, in theory. I get a lot of responses to my travel posts that are enthusiastic but when I ask where YOU are going, I’m often hit with hopelessness.

There’s a common misconception that travel has to be this expensive feat when it really doesn’t need to be. Are there some expensive, luxury places that would be financially near impossible for many people? Absolutely! However, there are far more places that are budget friendly! I’ve realized it’s not enough to show you budget friendly places to travel but I actually need to come to you and show you what’s possible.

So, my first feature is Cebu, Philippines. This scattered country is made up of over 7k islands in the Pacific. There are many beautiful beaches and welcoming people everywhere! If you’re from here, it would be easy to never leave and still travel to new places. Even so, let’s explore a budget friendly option outside of Philippines!

hotelBali, Indonesia
The cheapest time to fly from Cebu to Bali is October.
$202 – round trip flight in October for 4 days on Scoot
$16 – 4 nights for the last week of October, many options
$10 – approximate daily food budget
$20/day ($2-5 per trip per taxi trip)
$338 – trip total


I have not personally been to Bali but from everything I’ve seen, read, experienced vicariously, it’s extremely affordable with a view that would be worth so much more! The prices are in American dollars but it’s an easy translation on Google. This is probably one of the cheapest airplane trips in the world, definitely worth taking advantage of!

Are you in Cebu? If so, and you have more recommendations or questions, feel free to leave a comment or contact me on one of my social pages! I’m always open to learning more and getting to share knowledge with others.


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