5 Benefits of Travelization Scratch Off Maps

IMG_20180320_155738_034If you were here for last year’s A Year of Travel, you know that my goal has been to visit to a new place each time I hit the road. As a way to celebrate a completed year, I started looking for a way to showcase the new places I had been. I’ve always been a fan of maps and globes, which might have something to do with why I won a geography bee in 4th grade. I have 2 globes and at least 3 types of maps, some even map art. Geography is fascinating and traveling is how to experience it.

So, I was especially enthralled by scratch off maps. I ordered a tiny one on special. The packaging didn’t have the name so I have no idea now where it came from after a month of processing to get here. The concept was fun but the scratch off was the same color as the map in several places and it was small so detail wasn’t available.


A couple of months later, I was introduced to Travelization. The map I ordered was poster size so I was excited to see ALL THE DETAIL! Fortunately, it was here in about a week so I didn’t have to wait long. Here’s what I love about it:

  1. Bringing Travel To Life
    1. 20180312_163308The land is colored in gold, as you scratch off the map it becomes colorful.
    1. Not only do you get to scratch off the area/country you visit – there’s a flag to scratch!
  3. Life Size
    1. As noted, it’s poster size so it’s easy to scratch off individual areas such as states.
  4. Extra Info
    1. The detail doesn’t stop at states but also has capital and notable cities.
  5. Smooth Operator
    1. The map is glossy and the edges are smooth, perfect for having your arm on while you scratch away.
  6. BONUS – It’s Inspiring
    1. Seeing ALL that gold area just motivates me to discover new places.

Now that I’ve had time with this map, I definitely plan to get one for a few traveler friends, and family that I wish were traveling more – with me preferably. 😊 If you’ve been looking for a way to add something different to your walls and have it be a productive piece, or looking for unique gift items, check Travelization out here.

If you want to see more of the photos, you can find Travelization Maps tagged in my IG post here. Let me know if you have any questions about the product or if you have one! Love to hear what others think of it, too!


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