5 Easy Exercises From The Road

When it comes to traveling, staying fit can be tough. The idea is calories don’t count on vacation is one I was a huge supporter of when I only vacationed once a year. However, the more you to travel, the less you can live by that motto. So, I’ve favored a few simple exercises that you can do anywhere. I won’t go in great detail about the exercises, Google can inform you as needed. Here I explain quantity, time, and why they’re good for the road.

  1. Squats

    1. Capture
      Hanging around in Fort Worth, due to the extra strength squats have given

      25, in the time it takes to brush your teeth (I do them while brushing teeth).

    2. Why squats: I can’t say enough about them! I love them because they have done something I thought only surgery could do – give me a derriere, and much more. You just need standing room and balance. *Be careful to not let your knees go over your feet.
  2. Push Ups

    1. 20, in the time it takes to listen to a song, or 2 if you’re a beginner.
    2. Why push ups: they are a whole body exercise. You just need a body amount of floor space. If it’s difficult to go all the way, or you’re short of floor, waist-ish high counters can work as a platform to push from. *Be careful to stay in plank form.
  3. Sit Ups/Reverse Crunches

    1. 20, in the time it takes to hear a news story.
    2. Why abs: because it strengthens your core! I do a type of reverse crunch, which is similar in effect to sit ups and it seems to pair with walking quite nicely. All you need is enough room to lay down. They could even be done from the bed, in a ..crunch.. 🙂 *Be sure to exhale when you bring in your knees.
  4. Stretching/Yoga

    1. Capture
      Having a nice stretch by Lake Arlington

      5 minutes of concentration on your tight areas

    2. Why stretching/yoga: it stretches you out! This is especially nice to do after a long flight, your body will thank you. Whether you do designated stretching exercising or extend into yoga poses, these moves are a great way to get your body ready for movement. All you need is floor space to stretch out on or standing space for when floor is limited. *Be sure to keep it simple as to not overextend ahead of walking around a lot.
  5. Walking

    1. 2017-10-19 22.36.13_preview
      Getting my walk on in Reykjavik

      As much as you can! All day, every day.

    2. Why walking: too many benefits! I’ve talked a lot about muscle building exercises but walking not only is good for your legs, it’s also cardio. Walking gives you the benefit of seeing a city on foot and experiencing more of the people. It can also save you from paying for transport in some situations. Just have a map handy! *Be aware of your surroundings and only walk where you feel safe to do so.

These are my favorite ways to stay active when I’m abroad. It can be tough to count calories so at least I can counteract with mindful exercises. You don’t have to do all of them every day, feel free to do 1 or 2 a day and rotate them around.

If you have any other easy exercises you think people could benefit from doing, leave it in the comments so we could all be a little healthier.


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  1. Haider says:

    Good exercises

    1. queenmeranda says:

      Gotta stay active when I can! 🙂

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