3 Ways To Get Cheaper Flights

Perhaps you’ve been looking to get far away but the flight is SO expensive! Well, I’ve managed to score some ridiculously low fares just by being strategic. My biggest accomplishment so far was booking a last minute flight from Atlanta to Amsterdam for $860 vs $1600, which was the cheapest normal booking I could find. So, get out your pad and paper because we’re going to get you on vacation!

Find A Hub

Logan International Airport

There are bigger and busier airports than the one closest to you. For example, going to Europe, the cheapest city to fly out from in America is Boston. Logan International Airport has a high volume of flights abroad, therefore, driving the prices down. It’s quite often much cheaper to fly from your city to a hub city THEN to the destination than straight to the destination, especially abroad. Do research and play with the same flight from various big cities and the same time frame to get an idea. Finding a hub for your destination can save you big!

Google Flights

Speaking of research, Google can be a useful tool. Before you book directly with an airline, go to Google and type ‘flights from [your city] to [destination]’ and hit ‘search flights’ after results come up. Not only will this give you a calendar showing daily cheapest pricing, it will give you the chance to play around with other cities and even transportation. You can even click the map to find cheaper options in other places, especially nice when you need travel inspiration. It should be noted, however, that not all airlines share their pricing with Google, such as Southwest Airlines.

Don’t Avoid Layovers

Getting on WOW in Amsterdam with a layover in Reykjavik.

Layovers can save you hundreds of $$$. My next big trip will have 2 layovers and because of it, I’ll be saving over $500. Testing out options is the best way to get the most out of your trip. Hey, you could even get an extra destination in by getting a layover in a city you’ve not yet been to. Get creative!

Aside from these tips, there’s several websites and Facebook pages you can like who send you emails for when they have found new deals. Another quick Google search should help you find one or several options. If you have any questions, I can always try to help! No matter what, be sure to get out there and see some things.


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