Free Things To Do In Fort Worth

There’s plenty of things to do all across DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth). What you may not know about is all the FREE things! So, if you’re looking for a budget way to entertain out of town guests, or even just get out of the house for cheap, then I’ve got you covered!

Kimbell Art Museum

Torment of Saint Anthony

The very first Michelangelo painting is housed here. The Torment of Saint Anthony was completed by the famous painter when he was about 12 years old. To stand there in front of that masterpiece and imagine a 12 year old not only had the idea, but the actual skill to complete such a detailed and creative work, is a lot to process.

If there was no other reason to go, that would be a great one. However, there are several beautiful and thought provoking reasons to stop by! If you walk in from what I call the back entrance (the entrance next to the parking lot), you immediately start a journey through time. There are detail busts from ancient Rome and Egypt, gloriously large paintings from early modern Europe, Mayan relics, and sprinkled in are some very well known and even recent artists. That’s just a sample of what can be found under the roof of just 1 building. Along with the art, there is a gift shop where you can not only get cool artistic type of items for kids and adults alike, but you can get prints of your favorite works. I have taken this liberty on a few occasions.

Depending on the time of year, there’s also festivals at the Kimbell that usually relates to one of the limited time exhibits. In the past couple of years there’s been one for France and Scotland. There’s live music, food trucks, kids activities, and a walk through the air conditioned museum to be enjoyed during the events. These are also good times to see the themed exhibits for free, which is the only part of the museum that costs to spend time in. The Kimbell Art Museum is open every day except Monday and major holidays. Be sure to get in early as well since they close by 5 unless it’s Friday when they stay open until 8. For more information about the museum or happenings, click here.

Fort Worth Botanic Gardens

One of the most beautiful places in Fort Worth is located in the cultural district, just across from the zoo and right off highway 30 and University. The grounds are free except for the Japanese Gardens, which is $7 per adult. Otherwise, you have a massive amount of space to explore. Every part of the gardens is immaculately kept up so it’s no surprise that the botanic gardens are popular for engagement and bridal photo sessions. No matter the season, it’s a serene place to take in nature. Whether it’s a walk around the pond, observing wildlife, or even capturing a scene for Instagram, you are bond to have a great time. I’ve even watched Independence Day fireworks here, so be sure to check the calendar here.

Sundance Square & Stockyards

So, you might be wondering why I grouped these two very different places together. Well, mainly because it’s free to walk around them and there are a lot of shopping opportunities in both. If you’re down for a chill stroll of window shopping, both are great options. Starting with Sundance Square, what I love about this downtown Fort Worth hot spot is how they encourage visitors. After 5pm and all weekend, all the parking is free! I can’t tell you how often I’ve taken advantage! I’m not going to give away my secret spot BUT there’s 1 parking deck in particular that has the best views and is my favorite place to ring in the new year for that reason and its ease for departure. So, I encourage you to take advantage of parking freedom! In addition, there are so many restaurants, shops, and things to do. Click here to start planning.

received_10154923103524401I wrote all about the fun times to be had in the stockyards here, if you want a better idea. But in summary, the stockyards is a great place to take someone from out of town because it’s essentially what everyone thinks of when they envision Texas. Cowboys, cattle, BBQ. There’s also restaurants, souvenir shops, candy shops, and rodeos. Although the name speaks for itself, this place that’s used to grade cattle has also evolved to be very touristy. You can pay to park inside the stockyards or use free parking at a short walk just off the strip. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes as the pavement is uneven.

It isn’t free, but you should know that the Fort Worth Zoo is half price on Wednesdays!

There are other free things and places to walk around, such as Trinity Park. Feel free to explore more and leave a comment if you know other cool places that should get a favorable mention.

Until next time!


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