Coming To Arlington For Cowboys

Are you ready for some Cowboys?

For some, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. No, not the holidays. Well, it’s kind of like a holiday season on its own. Alas, not a holiday but, it’s football season!

While the official season starts in September, I live about a mile from that moon sized stadium so Cowboys are pretty much omnipresent. I’ve had the privilege of seeing several games in the stadium so I know how much of a treat it is. Since I’m already in town, it’s a pretty simple process to attend a game. However, most attendees are not from around here. In fact, quite often there’s a lengthy drive involved – if not a flight. Sound familiar? If so, this article is for you. If you’re planning to make a trip out of your game experience, I’ve got some local insight on things to do before, during, and after the game to make your trip here even more full.

If you come in a day or two before the game, the best way to get in the spirit is to take a tour of the stadium that you’ll be enjoying on game day. You can choose self guided or VIP guided tour, which will run you about $10 more. The prices typically start at $22 for adults and $17 for children. If you’re under 5, it’s free! Click here to check out the ticket options. The cool part of going with the VIP tour is you get a lot of info about the stadium, such as having the world’s largest 1080p video board hanging over the field! I got to tour the stadium just before the opening season in 2009 and a couple of times sense. Always worth it.



Rangers Ballpark

If you’re a sports fanatic, the action doesn’t stop at football! A few minutes walk from the Cowboy stadium is Globe Life Park, which is where the Texas Rangers play America’s past time of baseball. Tickets start at $8 for kids 4-14, seniors and students at $12, and adults are $15. You can check those tickets out here.  Plan early, AT&T Stadium has tours as late as 8pm, but Globe Life tours end for the day between 2 and 4 depending. Directly across the street from Globe Life Park is the Arlington Visitor Center where it’s free to walk around and learn more about the sports and regular side of the area.

Game Day
You’re all riled up and got on your Cowboys gear! Now, it’s time to eat. Depending on the time of game, you’ll either need lunch or dinner and you’ll want it around the stadium. There’s several restaurants in the perimeter who offer rides to and from the game if you eat there. This can be a great opportunity for you to connect with other fans who are local and/or traveling in. Here’s a list of those shuttle options: Tailgate Tavern, J Gilligan’s Bar & Grill, Humperdinks, and Sherlock’s. Click here to see a list of the top places nearby to enjoy some tailgate style nomz. Directly across the street from the stadium is Airways Hamburgers, CiCi’s Pizza, Fishbone Grill, Panda Express, Arby’s, Taco Bell, and Popeyes. A little more of a walk and a plethora of other food options. This road shouldn’t be called Collins, but instead, Food Row. This also includes Lincoln Square which, when exiting from 30, is the first thing you see on the right as you head down towards the stadium. Aside from food, there’s also a lot of shopping that can be done or even just walking around.

Depending on whether we win or lose, you might want a beverage. However, because prep time, transportation, eating, game time, and exiting the stadium are likely going to eat up most of your day, I put a good option for this in the post-game section.

So, your past couple of days have been all about the sports! Take a break and enjoy some other entertainment options around Arlington. Six Flags Over Texas is actually walking distance from the stadium and right off highway 30 and 360. This Six Flags location is open for the whole of regular football season. Also, plan ahead, if you buy 1 day pass 3 days in advance, you save $20. You can check out the options here, but if you think you’ll be back, it might make the most sense to pay monthly so you can go unlimited times. Also on that link you can find tickets for Hurricane Harbor, which is the water park just about 5 minutes across the highway.

As mentioned in the last section, there there is a place to wind down and get outside of the chaos that is Lincoln Square and the stadium/ballpark area. This place is still chaotic but in a “it’s the weekend” way and not “90k people are trying to get to the highway at the same time” kind of way. The Highlands and area surrounding encompasses an upscale shopping center as well as The Parks Mall and is on the other side of Arlington, right off highway 20. You can actually get straight there by continuing on Collins, the road next to the stadium. Again with the food, there’s tons of it here! As well as bars, AND bars with food. There’s also all the shopping, ice cream, and entertainment you could be looking for. Really something for everyone.

However, after all that hype, you might want to disconnect from people. I understand 1k%. So, let’s find you somewhere quiet to escape, huh? My favorite place in Arlington is probably Randol Mill Park. Randol Mill Road is the road right in front of the stadium so it’s a straight shot to find. It’s a pretty big park and has a massive A that lights up at night right on the highway so you may have seen it driving by. There’s a swing/slide set for kids, a skate park for wheel enthusiasts, as well as a quiet walking trail through a cascading section of trees and a pond. The park is littered with grills and picnic tables for your convenience. If you want lowkey sports, there’s several baseball fields, if you want a lowkey water park, there’s an aquatics center at the top of the hill. There are even a few trails through the woods that’s backed up to the park, for those who want to be further removed. The park is very well lit and even when the park closes at midnight, the main row of lights on the driveway stay on.


That about wraps up Arlington, if you’re spending a few days. If you have any questions or need suggestions, leave a comment! I have the knowledge about most things Cowboys games or local info. Like, you’ll probably want to do the shuttle situation because parking at the stadium is $60 or more and could be a hefty walk either way. Or you’ll want to eat before going into the stadium because everything is expensive. The cheapest food option is probably the Torpedo Dog which is a sort of spicy take on a hot dog where it’s kind of a corn dog, kind of a hot dog based on the fact it’s a wienie wrapped in a cornish/bunish covering with some meat sticking out. Either way, I can help! Otherwise, see you at the game!



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