A Year of Travel -Turner Falls

16938512_10154563791084401_9175841801488578957_nOn the road again, this time to Turner Falls located in southern Oklahoma. I again stayed at Best Western, this a Premium. The hotel was actually located in Ardmore, about 20 minutes south of the falls. The reason being that there honestly isn’t much around in Davis – the actual city hosting my destination. More on that later.

16938578_10154563788814401_3030425054589319147_nThe hotel was super sweet. There was a super nice array of options as well as a bar that was open until 2am. All the pamphlets you could imagine with coupons inside. The complimentary breakfast was full of the nomz and there was strawberry kiwi juice, not something you find often in hotels. I did take more photos of breakfast this time, even though I was only half awake and wearing glasses. See the Best Western photos here. I was up early enough to see the sunrise before going back to sleep. I will say one of the coolest things on the drive to Davis was all the wind turbines. I hadn’t seen one in person before and had to pull over to really stare at them a while. They are way more enormous in person and are everywhere in Oklahoma!

16939662_10154561688229401_6557784716504794521_nTurner Falls is one of those places I had heard about a few times since moving to Texas. February was the perfect time – it’s off-season so the park is pretty desolate. The only downside is that when you first pull into Turner Falls, there’s several shops and restaurants that are not open. There’s also a massive water slide, also not open. On a positive note, there WAS a little store on 1 of the trails that had a narrow assortment of food, desserts, beverages, and gifts. That was quite helpful as I did not prepare enough beverage for the day. There are so many trails and opportunities to get amazing views. There’s even a zipline option at the entrance of the park. This zipline is unique because it’s more like a ride, you sit in a seat next to someone and glide across to the other side. There are 3 waterfalls but the one in the photo above is the biggest at 77ft tall. There are also caves around the park, which makes it even more fun. I was super amused by people getting in the water. Yes, it was quite warm out but no, not warm enough for swimming. The college students were right back out of the water almost as fast as they got in.

16938982_10154563790139401_5048763501935317060_nI roamed around for hours and probably could have walked more if it weren’t getting close to sunset. Luckily, with your parking pass, you can come and go as you please. For lunch – since nothing was opened – I decided to look around the local town. The town was pretty tiny. There was 1 main road and it was difficult finding a restaurant. Several of the places I found on Trip Advisor had closed down. Every time I go on a trip, I do my best to avoid chains and try to eat local. I was lucky enough to find 1 diner before I gave up that was pretty awesome. Boomerang Diner has a unique, retro feel to it with antique posters and vinyl records on the wall. They also have so many types of pie, I had to try one (chocolate) and it was delish!

To see all the photos from my trip, feel free to check them out here! Ever been to Turner Falls? Got a trip to suggest? Tell me all about it in the comments.


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