#BookLover Review – Sophie’s World

If you’re looking for a not just a good read, but one that makes you introspective, I suggest Sophie’s World. This is a novel I read as a class requirement my senior year of college and it has remained my favorite book of all time ever since. In the video I explain why but essentially, if a book leaves me questioning reality, it’s done a fantastic job.

This is also a perfect story for a reader who is new to philosophy or at any level of interest. It takes what can be complicated systems of analysis and belief and breaks it out so anyone can relate to the perspective from each respective philosopher. I took my first philosophy class early on in college and discovered some thought provoking subjects such as:

Existence Before EssenceFat Man & The CaveWhere does it end?, and The Bible.

I got an A in that class because I could not get enough. Some concepts take effort to wrap your head around but once accomplished, it was really mind opening. I always felt that should be a class everyone takes for just that purpose. Even though I loved the class, it was not easy for me. When reading selections, I had a difficult time translating into real talk. It was the professor who made it come alive and be relatable. Then my brain just synced with the info and I was able to apply it. It really is interesting to see in the minds of those who existed way before we did and see how they saw the world and how that still applies today.

If you are looking to understand philosophy better or just a good read that gets your mind going, I’d strongly recommend Sophie’s World. If you have read it, I’d love to chat about it with you. I haven’t met too many people who have read it so I’d love to from you.


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