Water Challenge

Here in my video, Water Challenge, I talk about doing something quite unique.

My next few blogs are going to be specific to the water challenge itself. I sort of feel like if more people would take this challenge, whether it be for a week or a month, people would grow an awareness of what it’s like for the less fortunate in other countries when it comes to water. Those who participate would be sympathetic as opposed to empathetic when it comes to such a lacking. To be honest, for most, hearing about a foreign crisis is sad and that feeling is fleeting. As soon as you’ve read an interesting article or watched a funny video that motivation to help has slipped quietly into your recessive thought bank.

I’ve decided to take a different angle on feeling and switch to acting. Instead of just thinking about how I can help, I’ve decided to take to the internet and spread my experiences of going without fresh water. This is coming from a young, Caucasian American female who isn’t on a mission trip in a third world or a radical trying to provoke money. No, this is just me hoping to inspire others to give more than a passing frown to a cause. The water shortage in the world is unfortunate and there are ways to help. To help though, it’s good to really understand what the assistance is for. This is my discovery to find out what it’s like to live like so many do in the world. Live without the ability to turn on the facet and immediately be inundated with all the water I need. The good, the bad, the learning experiences, I will share with you.

Will you take some time to follow me on this journey? Do you have suggestions? Have you done something similar to this before? If so, please feel free to share! I’d love to learn more while experiencing.


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